Review: Jazamin Sinclair at The Nerve Centre.

Those who stuck around after Jo Bywater's excellent set on the last weekend of our lil' old Insurrection in FACT's welcoming gallery will have enjoyed a set from local artist and musician Jazamin Sinclair. Most of the crowd did and they enjoyed a set of some well chosen covers and a couple of originals from the multi faceted artist and her guitar. Contrasting with the rough edges of the previous artist's set well, Sinclair's material was warm, performed passionately and believably and above all, the people liked what they heard. 

Despite admitting to being 'scared' before the gig Sinclair showed no sign of it at all and gave a set quite similar to last years excellent performance at Renshaw Street. Why fix what doesn't need to be mended when it works perfectly?

The well chosen songs included the two originals, the almost Beth Orton like Old Change and the beautiful Sitting in the Sun, which certainly did conjure up with words being in just such a position, which is an excellent feat when one is in a darkened art gallery! The audience, growing as it was, was obviously in agreement as by the time the end of the set was reached with a performance of Rollin' in the Deep, for which she was joined by Denise and Jan on vocals, hit just the right notes and left people wanting more.

The bigger crowd for this gig was not a surprise and hopefully more people will go away having discovered some great songs and a multi talented artist.To find out more and hear some songs check out the link below:

Words and Image by Sebastian Gahan.

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