Interview: Juve

 An Interview with Juve...

Our (other) man on the scene at the Nerve Centre talked to a fair few people there as well as wearing a rather nice hat. Here's a chat between Nerve's John Owen and Juve, a local hip-hop artist who performed during the Insurrection...

John: Why have you chosen the name Juve?
Juve: It started off as Juvekyle, a play on the word 'juvenile' since my name is Kyle and then it was just a bit of a mouthful so I just changed it to Juve...

John: When did you start ever doing anything like this?
Juve: When I was about ten my mum showed me an Eminem album and I was just listening to that and it inspired me to start writing. But it's only now, just recently that I've started constructing proper songs instead of just messing about with it, to be honest.

John: Do you like that style of delivery? Have you always thought that this is the style you want rather than crooning or something stupid like that?
Juve: I just think it's important to have a balance. If it's always bombarding people with messages sometimes people might be turned off by that. Sometimes you have to have a message, sometimes you might just want to get people attracated to the beat and make it catchy.

John: How old are you now?
Juve: Fifteen...

John: Do you think the people in your generation are inspired by events going on in the world or uprising? Does that that influence you in any way?
Juve: (Thinks) Sometimes...

John: Or does it go right over your head and do you think 'let's get on with life...'
Juve: Yeah, I think our generation is more interested in what's on telly than anything else. 

John: And you've done a couple of songs about Facebook and other social networks. Is that a particular bug of your own? 
Juve: To be honest, I like Facebook but I just thought I'd name a few things that I dislike about it.

John: And did you enjoy the space today?
Juve: Yeah, it's nice to see a variety of musicians, you know not like Justin Bieber to honest!

Thanks to Juve for performing at The Nerve Centre and taking the time to talk to us.

Interview by John Owen
Intro and transcription by Sebastian Gahan.

The Nerve Centre.

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